If you are disabled by a high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and/or chemicals, you should know that some techniques can help you heal yourself ! The aim of our GNO is to support you in your healing process with simple and accessible techniques based on japanese energetics, yoga, meditation and neuropsychology. We propose 4 days workshops and 2 days ‘advanced’ workshops. They are led by Marine Richard and can be given in English for 4 to 8 people. If you have the energy to organize a workshop in your country, Marine would be pleased to conduct it !

Marine Richard is a former French documentarist and theater writer. She became very highly to EMFs in 2010 (read ‘Sous l’ondée‘ ). She had to leave everything and took refuge in a barn on the Pyrenees mountains for 5 years. Whilst fighting for the recognition of the pathology (In 2015, she was awarded by a French court a disability grant for her electrosensitivity. Her trial against the French State went round the world ), she found a way to heal herself using techniques including japanese energetics, yoga, meditation, neurpsychology and nutrition. She now has been living a normal life again for four years and even had a baby at the age of 41.

She decided to help others by transmiting her tools. Since 2017, about 150 people with electrical and/or chemical sensitivity followed a workshop with her. Most of them improved significantly their health and can do again things they hadn’t been able to for years such as : driving a car without fainting, going for shopping, following a course with 50 other people, going on a train or a plane, going to a party, wearing normally washed clothes, moving back to a city, etc.

For more information about a workshop in English, please contact us !

For some more details about Marine’s journey across electrical sensitivity, you can listen to her interview with Lloyd Burrell on his website Electricsense.

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